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Great projects are gradually consolidating, but there must be long- term planning that allows for orderly and sustainable growth, economically, socially, urbanly and ecologically, which guarantees
the well-being of all the inhabitants and of future generations.
!e Beckmann Foundation supports the social development of Te- quila through its strategic lines of the Social Innovation Model, where we work with di"erent local actors to conserve, preserve and spread the tan- gible and intangible heritage of Tequila, not only as a drink, but as a desti-
nation that has history, culture, tradition and gastronomy.
In this 2040 vision, the Foundation wants Tequila to be recognized as a cultural destination, a heritage city and that its inhabitants are the guard-
ians of this legacy and leaders of a positive transformation.
In this journey, the joint work of all the institutions is needed, public and private, of universities, governmental and non-governmental orga- nizations; that through social innovation, new creative and sustainable
strategies are developed for solving social problems.
We want to work comprehensively with the Tequila community, where
all sectors come together to find the best solutions in a changing environ- ment.
Students from the Social Innovation Center of Tequila. >

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