Page 125 - Activity Report 2019 | Fundación Beckmann
P. 125

YEAR AFTER YEAR WE SEEK TO STRENGTHEN the alliances that we have created with important insti- tutions at national and international level, with which we work together to implement new and better training programs for the community.
!rough these networks we are able to o"er world-class exhibitions, residences and exchanges for artists and strengthen the cultural experiences of the community and visitors.
More and more organizations in the country are joining this cause and to whom we thank for the sup- port they give us year a$er year, such as the Ministry of Culture of Jalisco, the Government of Zapopan, the University of Colima, the University of Morelia and the Tec de Monterrey, among others.
But we have also achieved a prestige that has earned us the trust of international institutions such as the Julliard Opera Center and Covent Garden of the Royal Opera House in London, whose teachers have accompanied us on numerous occasions to promote the artistic growth of our students.

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