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The work model with which we are guided, con- templates multiple and very diverse activities for the fulfillment of our objectives, in a con-
text of permanent change. !is implies deep planning
in the short, medium and long term; intense internal
and external organization; and a flexible operation of
all of us involved. SUSTAINABILITY
     In addition to our 4 lines of work, our structure contemplates 4 strategic supports: preventive and positive dissemination, territorial management, con- tinuous improvement and sustainability; they provide us with the means and resources to achieve our goals, facilitate our processes and allow us to take into ac- count all the team's collaborators.
We seek to develop and make all the necessary tools available to the community of Tequila, to achie- ve sustainable and sustainable growth, under fair and attractive quality schemes, preserving the identity and values that make us a magical town like no other.
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• Awareness
• Environmental care
• Fair and sustainable practices
• Alliances and bonds
• Analysis of town´s life
• Traditional context
• Geographical conditions
• Distribution of intangible heritage
• Graphic material
• Generation of content
• Media
• Social networks
• Design of broadcast channels
• ISO 9001:2015
• Internal training
• Quality management
• Process evaluation

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