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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              STR!TEGIC SUPPORTS 136
IT IS A METHODOLOGY TO KNOW AND MAP the te- rritory where we develop our programs, this allows the heritage and traditions of the region to be valued, mainly within the community so that its heritage is sensitized, preserved and protected.
Based on social marketing strategies, we create actions that allow us to promote di"erent areas,
such as the well-being of the most vulnerable population, the rescue of traditions, the importance of intangible heritage and those values such as em- pathy and solidarity, that help us overcome the unfa- vorable conditions facing the community.
!rough this strategic support, we try to publici- ze the di"erent ways of collaborating and providing solutions to health, education, environment and de-
velopment problems. With this vision, our programs are aimed at making each person see themselves as a transforming agent in their environment.
We want to transmit and position these positive ideals in all areas and contexts to facilitate the de- velopment of opportunities, of initiatives and social actions for the community, among which are mainly:
• Analysis and territorial diagnosis and social life of Te- quila through the seasons
• Territorial strategic plan
• Dissemination of the territory • Strengthening of alliances

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