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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              STR!TEGIC SUPPORTS 139 BECKMANN FOUNDATION
WE UNDERSTAND AND ASSUME OUR responsibility towards the Tequila community, which has allowed us to be part of their daily dynamics, be aware of their needs and seek together the best solutions.
Our mission at the communication level is to pro- pose the approach, the methodologies and techni- ques, to follow up on current trends, not only in the community, but globally. Our work structure allows us to anticipate to implement strategies and processes that solve problems; that make us reach all the inhabi- tants, at all levels of the population.
We complement our communication strategy with the implementation of di"erent dissemination tools,
Support communication for the Tequila Mushroom Fair.
including our website, periodic printed and electro- nic newsletters and other design and communication pieces for our campaigns and initiatives.
• 6 editions of printed bulletins
• 95% of electronic newsletters delivered,
more than 2,000 sent
• More than 11,767 followers on Facebook
• 152 social media posts, over 403,040 views
          Printed Newsletter, internal communication tool.

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