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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  STR!TEGIC SUPPORTS 140 ACTIVITY REPORT 2019
    He is the cornerstone, architect of this successful project called Tequila Regulatory Council,
we recognize him for propelling this flight to high cliffs, for flying with us and breaking the air with his human greatness.
  n Friday, May 31st, 2019, within the framework of the celebrations of the XXV anniversary of the Tequila Regulatory Council and LX of the
National Chamber of the Tequila Industry, a well-de- served tribute and the delivery of the highest Eagle in Flight award were paid to our Board President Don Juan Francisco Beckmann Vidal, for his work and su- pport to the tequila industry.
!e tribute was very emotional, recognizing the e"ort of our maximum leader and example of what it means to be a great visionary. Without a doubt, Don Juan Beckmann Vidal is one of the people who, with his actions, has changed the course of the tequila industry and with that, the history of a country, thus creating a great legacy.
!e recognition is a bronze sculpture by the Mexi- can artist León Fernández, it is an allegory that tries to relate two very important symbols for Mexicans:
!e eagle, a symbol linked to mexicanity, present in the coat of arms of the Mexican flag and that appears in the national iconography in di"erent representa- tions; it is currently in the collective consciousness of Mexicans and its presence dates back to our pre-His- panic history. And another important symbol, the aga- ve, plant that directly evokes tequila, our national drink.
Let us ask God that he remains with us for many more years to continue leaving his mark, since he is a human being with a great love for his country and its people.

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