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 When I arrived to Tequila, only agave, corn, fruit, and of course tequila were produced, among other inputs. Today, it is a great town that has more than 40 thousand inhabitants who have an average of 22 years of age, and is visited by more than 300 thousand tourists a year. It is easy to say, but behind this there is constant effort and a vision of growth.
He has had a long career in the private sector as a member of the Boards of Directors of companies such as Banamex, Peñoles, Aeroméxico and Banco Ve por Más. He has also been part of business organizations such as: !e Business Coordinating Council, the Mex- ican Council of Entrepreneurs and the Mexican Insti- tute for Competitiveness.
In 2017, it was ranked 29 in the Ranking of the 100 most important entrepreneurs in Mexico by Expansion. Juan Francisco Beckmann has established him- self as a business icon and his strategic vision has pro- moted the world tequila industry, in addition to being the main promoter of Tequila as an Intelligent Magical Town and positioning Jose Cuervo as the largest te-
quila producer in the world

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