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THE TEQUILA REGION o"ers us one more reason to fall in love with Mexico, not only in experiences and adventures, but in countless parts of our identity that fill us with pride.
!e municipality of Tequila is located in the state of Jalisco. !e main landscapes that amaze us are the agave fields, the volcano, the canyon and the si- erra, damong which is the magic of its inhabitants, who have been guardians of ancient traditions such as cooking, cra$s, dances and cra$s of yesteryear such as jimadores or toneleros.
It is important to visualize the di"erent actors in the community, with the intention of promoting the creative economy, the solidarity economy. In this way, a di"erentiator and promoter of social inclusion is generated to enhance the growth of the community.
We want to share the map of the region to dimen- sion, even a little, the intangible heritage that it is pos- sible to discover and that, from the Beckmann Foun- dation, in joint work with all social actors, we want to rescue, honor and conserve.
Welcome to Tequila!
The agave landscape is far more than the blue of its mezcal and the fertility of its land; the agave landscape is the human energy that gives it life, the jimadores who go to work early on and the women who provide them of strength and vigor with the food prepared for them.
Voces de Tequila

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