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We are in constant evaluation and training, to stay aligned with the 17 universally ap- plicable objectives approved at the Sum-
mit of Sustainable Development (2015). Based on the 2030 agenda, we define our challenges and frame- work for the coming years. Together with more than 150 countries, we agree that initiatives to promote prosperity must be based on strategies that promote not only economic growth, but the most basic needs such as education, health, protection of the social fab- ric, decent employment opportunities and protection of the environment.
At Beckmann Foundation we are committed to the development of sustainable projects and pro-
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grams. !rough the eðciency and transparency of our processes, we work to satisfy the pressing needs of the community, with a service of warmth, respect and dig- nity, but it is also essential to promote a change in par- adigms that a"ect the entire current value chain. Of the 52 programs and initiatives that we promoted and strengthened this year, we mainly focused on Sustain- able Development Goals (SDGs) 4: Quality education and 17: Alliances to achieve the objectives.
We seek continuous improvement and the im- portance of our actions to raise the quality of life of people.

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