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Starting in 2019, the Beckmann Foundation went from working under the guidelines of an Integral Model of Local Development to a new structure,
a Social Innovation Model, that seeks to solve social problems e"ectively and eðciently to face the rap- id changes of the community and our environment. Looking to solve current problems in a creative and innovative way, taking advantage of people's strengths and good practices in the use of resources, to achieve sustainability in space and time.
It is an integral model that projects great achieve- ments, but demands from the di"erent actors of the community, commitments and responsibilities in the application of an economic, political, environmental, cultural and social model that determine the quality of life of its population.
!e strategic lines that compose this model, Ed- ucation, Social Innovation, Health and Culture, are strengthened by four supports that backup our vision of growth and guarantee that it is sustainable over time: Preventive and positive dissemination, Territo- rial management, Sustainability, Continuous improve- ment.
!is new vision unites us even more, brings us closer to the community and we are not alone in this e"ort, we collaborate hard with di"erent organizations in the region and the state, with universities and pri- vate initiative, to add results for the well-being and de- velopment of the region.
Students of CBTa 106, Food and Drinks.

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