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TO US, EDUCATION IS DEVELOPING skills to promote change at schools where new collective ideas could be generated, is creative imagination, spaces for re- flection and constructive criticism that transforms. We thrust comprehensive training of young people, from all possible fronts and in all areas in which they develop.
Our strategy is to carefully choose the programs and initiatives that we implement to achieve the ob- jectives, it is necessary that it reaches positively to the students, but also that can be permeated to the whole community: this long-range project would not be pos- sible without the authorities, teachers and parents support.
We have account of di"erent influencing factors in the young besides educational level, as it is the emotional, social, motivational and cognitive. Some of these are carefully observed for prevention, such as:
Education is one of the fundamental rights
of human beings.
UNESCO (2004)
• Risk of developing an addiction, which increases for drug use at this age.
• !e relevance that conflicts take in adolescence, emotions and interaction with the environment.
• Family crises that can generate certain problems in the transition of the autonomy of the adolescent.
• Teenage job opportunities increase the possibility of
high school dropout.
Other aspects that we follow closely to implement as far as possible are:
• Teaching to di"erentiate friendships that help to make positive decisions.
• Provide meaningful experiences applied to the real- ity, reinforcing interest in study.
• Show adaptive ways to resolve conflicts, as a neces- sary social skill.

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