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he young people who will be the protagonists !e latest case is Kassandra Miroslava Guerrero in the change of our country, need opportu- Elías, who has participated in and taken advantage of nities that not only facilitate them the path, di"erent educational programs such as the area-lev-
but to forge them. !e Tecnológico de Monterrey's el knowledge contest, the Storytelling contest, she
Leaders of Tomorrow program will give great results, which will significantly impact the country and the re- gion in various aspects, ranging from education and art to health.
!anks to the support of the Foundation, this ini- tiative has become a movement for transformation and social mobility and with its support not only the lives of the benefited students are been transformed, but also that of their families and entire communities.
was the winner of a 100% scholarship for the LECTUM course, participated in the Workcamp, in the Biology Olympiad at regional and state level, in the Interna- tional Philosophy Olympiad in the National phase, in addition to being part of the "Consejo Universitario de Educación Media Superior".
In addition to all these achievements, the Foun- dation Beckmann gave support and training to Kas- sandra, who again makes us proud and to whom we congratulate because she obtained the 100% schol- arship of the Leaders of Tomorrow program at Tec de Monterrey, to carry out their studies at this institution.
Kassandra is a young woman committed to her environment and her community, who will have the opportunity to prepare at one of the best universities of the country, to become a transforming and chang- ing agent for Tequila.
Dr. Roberto Delgado, Kassandra and Francisco Fernández, foundation representatives, at the Tec award ceremony.

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