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                                               SOCIAL INNOV!TION STRATEGIC LINE 61
WE DEVELOP INTRAPERSONAL skills that include teamwork and leadership, which promote deci- sion-making with creativity and innovation. We sup- port finding ideas and solutions that add social value to the region and allow the preservation of the great cultural and historical heritage of the community and its surroundings.
One of the angular positions for this strategic line is that the beneficiaries of each program are involved with their own growth as much as possible, that they are aware of their own development. For us, it is essen- tial to strengthen and follow up on the initiatives that arise from the community itself, which in the long run are the ones that they value and commit with the most, we are there to detect opportunities, provide guides and establish channels.
In addition to contributing to comprehensive and sustainable development, we want to promote the ap- propriation of essential values such as equality, justice, freedom and solidarity, to support the most vulnerable sector.
We work in co-creation to increase community empowerment and participation.
• Intangible heritage management
• Hospitality, gastronomy and culture of tequila • Training and social innovation
We seek social cohesion, improvement and the solution of problems that have an impact and social transformation, that are decisive in the consolidation of the Tequila Destination.
Colors of the field, embroiderers from Mitlán.

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