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At 7 years old, I arrived with my parents to Tijua- na, the cradle of the export of tequila and the origin of the margarita, two great synonyms of Mexico. !ere, I had the opportunity to see my dad's work and experience closely the development of that city that was 100% touristic. In the United States there were already many attractions that were a source of employment. From there, migration was partly born, many of the people who work in the fields, in the fac- tories and in tourist services, are of Mexican origin.
So it is a culture, and we have the challenge of turning Tequila into a new pole of touristic devel- opment. It has been transforming from being an in- dustrial population, with the challenge of making it a tourist and cultural hallmark.
I thank my wife very much, I owe her a lot. My first job, already married, was in Tequila, we lived inside the factory, !at experience and the support that the people from here, from Tequila, gave us have made us change culturally. And yes, we have to return to Te- quila, much of what it has given us.
We are going to need the support of the other industrialists and we have to integrate small, medi- um-sized entrepreneurs, all, the work behind it must be accepted by them, so that together we can move Tequila forward. We can do it by ourselves, but I think that with the integration of the other Tequila entre- preneurs of all kinds, we can do better.
Honestly, as simple as it is, education is every- thing, since childhood we have to instill and demand excellence, so it is a challenge. We are including in- novative models from the most prestigious univer- sities in the country. Tec de Monterrey´s Community Learning Center of the will help us a lot, we believe that the technology behind all this will generate a great impulse forwards.
Many of these ideas were born and are being born with people from Tec, and they have already been permeating our people. But we believe that we have an obligation to do better and complement it with the musical part and also integrate it with sports.

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