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 I thank my wife very much, I owe her a lot. My first job, already married, was in Tequila, we lived inside the factory, That experience and the support that the people from here, from Tequila, gave us have made us change culturally.
All of these will help us to give Tequila a very spe- cial place. So as it was achieved with the drink and the e"ort of many tequileros, here must be the e"ort of as many businessmen as possible.
We receive and appreciate the support of the State Government through the Ministry of Innovation, from where we have been heard and guided and there is will to continue helping us to make this a real success. It had been diðcult to integrate the municipality, we appreciate the support they are giving us, already in- tegrated, together, we can make enormous achieve- ments for the people here.
A thousand thanks really, and let's build a better Mexico and a better Tequila. And as they said, "tequila is synonymous with Mexico", we are synonyms of Mex- ico in the world.
Speech by Mr. Juan Beckmann Vidal
Tequila Social Innovation Center Inauguration October 3rd, 2019

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